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The Challenge

Clinical Expertise

While industry scientist & engineers are experts with their innovative technologies, they may not fully appreciate the nuances of clinical applications, which could slow adoption. The TME organization is uniquely qualified to overcome this obstacle.

The Solution

TME’s Breast Care Network (BCN)

TME’s Breast Care Network (BCN) consists of hundreds of physician Key Opinion Leaders, whose interests rest in moving technology forward that will help their patients achieve better clinical outcomes.


Get Connected

Extensive Industry Experience

TME has partnered with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to early stage start-ups with the goal to advance patient care through collaboration between industry and KOL’s.


Created to Accelerate Adoption

Expanding your customer base from Early Markets to Mainstream Markets requires a systematic approach. TME pioneered a series of programs focused on important clinical advances that accomplish this objective efficiently and cost effectively.

Clinical Shark Tank

Clinical positioning can be fairly complex.

Physician protocols are well established for most clinical scenarios. New technology must fit within the protocols or provide a substantial rationale with clinical evidence to supersede existing protocols.

The Clinical Shark Tank program identifies and validates the “Compelling Reason to Buy” that will resonate with Mainstream Markets.

Adoption Studies are an effective tool

Adoption Studies provide evidence for clinical positioning, expand your customer base and produce content for publications and podium presentations.

During the past five years TME has enrolled over 3,000 patients in 9 adoptions studies with an additional 4 in process.

As a result, 25 abstracts have been accepted, 19 posters, 5 oral presentations and 4 Peer-reviewed publications.


Adoption Studies

Advisory Boards

Virtual Advisory Boards

TME offers “virtual” advisory boards that provide you with the opportunity to connect for an hour with KOL’s that otherwise would be very difficult for your local representative to meet. Very cost effective than traditional in-person advisory boards.

Member Surveys

TME can help you answer key questions by creating and administering BCN member surveys. Very rapid response and cost effective.

live interactive events

Take the Lead in Breast Cancer Annual Symposium

Forty nationally recognized KOL’s participate in an interactive forum which encompasses the latest in breast cancer topics of interest. Great opportunity for vendors to display and informally mingle with influential KOL’s.

 BCN LIVE -  National Topic Specific Webinars

A lively interactive discussion with KOL’s regarding the clinical relevance of a specific topic. Event is co-sponsored by companies that have products within that space.

Local Saturday Morning Topic Specific Summits

Local event in major cities where participants can attend in person. Includes speaker presentations, cases studies, panel discussion and audience audio response system. Event is co-sponsored by companies who market their products within that space.

Local Key Opinion Leader Consultation Program for Local/Regional Reps

Scheduled in-office consultation with target KOLs who can provide local knowledge re: opportunities, clinical value, barriers, and politics.

Breast Care Network

The Breast Care Network website is a news forum that provides community based breast cancer physicians with timely information on clinically relevant topics. Companies can access this KOL distribution channel via sponsored content and /or through collaboration with our KOLs to share opinion commentary.


What is the typical process for engagement with TME?

We would like to share with you our in-depth capabilities presentation. This will stimulate discussions that will help you determine which programs we offer that would be a good fit for accomplishing your corporate objectives.

How much does it cost?

Each program has a specific cost. Our capabilities presentation details the cost of each program.

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